About Game & Browse

We're a long-time group of friends who have found a strong bond with video games that has allowed us to keep strong ties to each other through the years of elementary school, all the way to adulthood. Even as we have developed more and have our own separate lives, we always try to find some time to play games with each other.

For quite a few years, we often participated in YouTube content creation. I ran a channel under the name of AmoebaTV, and eventually rebranded it as a solo effort named after my gamertag: ".grootkit". It still exists, however, it is not active as it used to be. If you're interested in checking out a time-capsule of our progress, the site has over 150+ videos dating all the way back to Aug 22, 2009 - whew, has it really been that long?


The Evolution of AmoebaTV

Enter "Game & Browse", a site that I created as a means for us to express our passion to the open internet. We love seeing the market flourish and becoming the dominant form of entertainment these days; it's become a regular topic of conversation for each of us, as we tend to have pretty in-depth discussions over the past, the present, and the future of gaming. Our goal is to spread our interests and we hope to draw in others who have a similar love for gaming.



We hope you enjoy our site,

- Aaron