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Thrifting Blog: Issue 3

[banner title="Thrifting Blog: Issue 3" text="Helntaro July 18, 2017" target="_self"]
July 12, 2017 Dark Souls- Prepare to Thrift Edition: I re-visited the Goodwill where I found Ash’s talking Pokedex and almost missed this diamond in the rough. Hiding amidst the stacks of outdated college textbooks was a hardback Dark Souls strategy guide. This was very easy to...
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Thrifting Blog: Issue 2

[banner title="Thrifting Blog: Issue 2" text="Helntaro July 6, 2017" target="_self"]
Crashing N-to Goodwill: So, this is a first. My mom and I went shopping at my local Goodwill on the morning of July 5th.  At the entrance of the store, there is a glass cabinet that houses anything that is considered new or “valuable”. Aaron and I...
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Thrifting Blog: Issue 1

[banner title="Thrifting Blog: Issue 1" text="Helntaro June 17, 2017" target="_self"]

Hey guys!

As a life-long thrift store warrior, many of the best items in my game and toy collections have come from secondhand shops. I love the thrill of the thrift store hunt and the feeling I get when I find a diamond in the rough. Aaron and...
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Persona 5: Fast Times at Shujin Academy

[banner title="Persona 5: Fast Times at Shujin Academy" text="Aaron Douglas May 18th, 2017" target="_self"]
Contrary to the meme-worthy hit battle song "Last Surprise", I did see this coming. Persona 5 was nothing short of a breakthrough success for Atlus and the long running JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game). It was the largest...
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Dead Cells: A Smash-Hit in the Making

[banner title="Dead Cells: A Smash-Hit in the Making" text="Aaron Douglas May 14th, 2017" target="_self"]

Metroidvania with a dash of Souls

Dead Cells is what I'd call a brilliant amalgamation of various genres and styles. It's one of the latest (released on May 10th) games to hit the Steam Early-Access page and is already rocketing off to...
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Persona 5: Take Your Heart – A Look at the Collectors Edition

[banner title="Persona 5: Take Your Heart - A Look at the Collectors Edition" text="Aaron Douglas April 4th, 2017" target="_self"]
Hello everyone! April 4th will mark the first time a main series Shin Megami Tensei: Persona game hits the US market since December 9, 2008 when Persona 4 was released. Technically you could count the enhanced version of the...
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A Slice of Life…and Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

[banner title="A Slice of Life...and Pokemon Puzzle Challenge" text="Helntaro April 1, 2017" target="_self"]
Pokémon Puzzle Challenge for the Gameboy Color…one of many, many, spinoff games that came out during the latter part of Pokemania—the time when Pokémon paraphernalia could be seen in literally every room in my childhood house.  Pokémon beach towels and body wash in...
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Nintendo Virtual Boy: A Diamond in the Rough

[banner title="Nintendo Virtual Boy: A Diamond in the Rough" text="Aaron Douglas December 6th, 2016" target="_self"]

A Brief History of the Nintendo Virtual Boy

Ah yes... The Virtual Boy, one of Nintendo's greatest commercial failures. A system that led to a falling out between the company and legendary Game Designer, Gunpei Yokoi (1941-1997). Yokoi is man spear headed...
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