Mini-Thrift Blog: Late August/Early September

Hey Gamers and Browsers!

Now that fall time is upon us, my time for thrifting has sadly been reduced. However, that’s not stopped me from wanting to share a few geeky finds that I've come across in my adventures. Without further ado, enjoy this Mini Thrift Blog!

The first thing I’d like to show off is this Super Sonic plush backpack. I found this in a super rural country thrift store last weekend. Upon doing a little research on this item, it would appear that this backpack is indeed officially licensed by Sega and was released by luggage manufacturing company, Accessories Innovation. This backpack, while not very functional (as the storage space is minimal), is super cool as it’s an officially licensed piece of Super Sonic merchandise. Super Sonic, for as popular as a character as he is, doesn’t seem to get a lot of merchandise love (which is a shame in my opinion!) This particular line of plush backpacks also featured a Sonic backpack and a Shadow backpack. While I’ll probably never use this backpack, Super Sonic will look fantastic on a shelf in my game room! I felt his price point of $10 at the thrift store was high until I saw what people were asking for this backpack online (three to five times that!) I think $10 was well worth this super thrift score!

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My next find is definitely the most practical find of the blog. It’s an officially licensed Nintendo Wii tower! These are exciting (in my opinion) because they’re about as close to official Nintendo furniture as you can get! I picked this stand up for only $6 and immediately put it to good use by storing my Guitar Hero controllers on the stand’s side hooks. I can’t wait to load it up with all of my Nintendo games! I might try to put GameCube stuff in it as well.

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The most unique thing I’ve found lately are these strange arcade marquees. I’ve seen a few of them over the last four weeks or so at our local Goodwill. While they’re super awesome, I just don’t have a practical use for them so I’ve passed on them all. However, that doesn’t make them any less cool! These marquees look more like they were advertisements for slot machine and gambling-type games than they do for traditional video arcade games. I should have taken pictures of more than just this one, but I guess I forgot. Such is life! Anyways, here’s Wild Wilderness!

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Last but not least is a vintage Pokémon zip up binder! Trademarked 1999 and donning the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality, this binder included a brand new (vintage) Charmander folder inside as well. While I won’t be taking this binder to school, I will be using this binder as a means of storing my postcard collection! This might have been my personal favorite pickup at only $3! I would have killed to have this binder in the third grade!

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While the pickups were more scarce this month, the item quality seemed to be higher than normal. That's a trade off I'll make all day, every day!

Before I head out to school with my new Super Sonic plush backpack and Pokémon binder, I'd like to give special thanks to the fantastic Patrons that have chosen to support Game and Browse in the last few weeks. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

See you at the next thrift adventure!




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