Hello there! I'm Aaron, the creator of this site.

I'm a former Web Designer with The Miller Group, a Saint Louis-based IT firm. They were generous enough to let me get this side-project off the ground and even host it for me.

Anyway, I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, it's been something that has stuck with me throughout every step of my life as a major hobby that I can't ever seem to shake. I've always had a hand in doing something related to multimedia and gaming, long before the "Let's Play" scene started to take off on sites like YouTube and Twitch, I was recording myself playing with a VCR and sharing the VHS with my friends. Eventually I got into doing content on YouTube as I got older, granted it never really turned into a major success, I enjoyed the experience immensely. It helped me develop my skills with non-linear video editing software, and that would come to help me later in life with various school projects.

My focus has now shifted to a broader variety of multimedia, rather than limiting myself to just a simple focus like recording Gameplay and Commentary. I would like to start writing and building upon that for gaming journalism. This encompasses a good amount of topics to span from and write on.

Such as:

  • Retro Gaming, I've been getting more and more into collecting various knick knacks and items with my girlfriend in our pursuit of nostalgia.
  • Modern Gaming, I've got multiple current generation consoles and a fairly high-end Gaming PC.

Needless to say, gaming is a topic I can spend hours and hours on. So hopefully I'll be able to share some of that with you for your own entertainment.

Articles by Aaron: