Thrifting Blog: Issue 1

Hey guys!

As a life-long thrift store warrior, many of the best items in my game and toy collections have come from secondhand shops. I love the thrill of the thrift store hunt and the feeling I get when I find a diamond in the rough.

Aaron and I go thrifting fairly often (at least once a week) and some of our favorite Saturday outings include thrift, game and antique stores. We often pick up new things for our collections and we think it would be fun to share our game-related finds with the Game and Browse community.

Here's my first find:

Last weekend, I found a vintage ThinkChip Ash’s Pokedex. The copyright year on the back says 2000, which makes me think that it includes data for the first two generation’s worth of Pokemon. Apparently there are figures that snap on top of the little raised piece on the upper lefthand side of the Pokedex. When snapped on, Dexter reads the Pokemon’s data and gives battle advice for that Pokemon. There were multiple Pokemon toys that were made for this ThinkChip line, including a variety of figures and even a talking battle stadium.

The Goodwill that I picked this up from didn't have any of the figures (as expected) but the Dex itself was only $3. The best thing about this little treasure is that it works! I put in four triple A batteries and Dexter came to life. The voice that comes from Dexter is the same voice that was used for Ash’s Pokedex in the original anime. What a nice touch!

This ThinkChip Pokedex was definitely worth $3. It's now sitting beside the other Pokedex toys in my collection.

From left, Generation 1, 3 and 6 Pokedex toys.

Final Round-Up

Talking Pokedex: $3

Total Spendings: $3




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