Thrifting Blog: Issue 2

Crashing N-to Goodwill:

So, this is a first. My mom and I went shopping at my local Goodwill on the morning of July 5th.  At the entrance of the store, there is a glass cabinet that houses anything that is considered new or “valuable”. Aaron and I refer to these glass cases as the “high roller” cabinets. Inside, I saw a stack of PS4 games that has been cast off from Target and donated. Amidst the NHL 16s and Call of Duty games was… a SEALED copy of the Crash Bandicoot- N Sane Trilogy for the PS4 (released June 30, 2017). This game was only a week old, how could it already be in the donation cabinet?

For $14.99, I couldn't say no, especially considering Aaron was looking at the game for $40 at Walmart just last week. As stated previously, the game was sealed. I know that Target sends their cast offs to Goodwill (as they have for years now) but why would they donate a week old game? Strange.

Only problem with the game (I use the word “problem” lightly) is that game disc itself was rattling around in the case. Upon opening the case, however, the disc looks brand new.

The final verdict: I have no idea why this was donated but we just got a brand new game for $14.99. Whoop whoop!

Total spent: $14.99

Sealed GBA Wireless Messengers:

One of our favorite thrift stores in town is closing down. *Moment of silence* Even though they've shut down their store, the owners still had one warehouse full of stuff to get rid of so they held something called a “box sale”. During a “box sale”, you can load up a box of junk for a flat rate (in this case, $10). My mom and I split a box, which means each of the three things pictured below cost about a quarter. We dug through the warehouse for about an hour and I actually found a few game-related items!

The most exciting thing I found were these Game Boy Advance wireless communicators (made by Majesco). From what I can figure, they snap on to a GBA/GBA SP and allow the handheld to send text messages to another messenger device up to three miles away. Where were these when I was in middle school?! I would have killed to have been able to chat with my friends through our Game Boys! Sadly, there's no point in opening these now, but they're an awesome piece to hang on our store display shelves!

Also pictured: Bonus Super Mario Bros Wii Yoshi plush

Not pictured: Blue Nintendo DS carrying case

Total spent: $1

I Choose You, Charmander!

You know what's funny about Goodwill? You can go two days in a row and the store will be completely stocked with different items. Yesterday, I found the newest Crash Bandicoot PS4 game (See “Crashing N-to Goodwill) and today, lying on the top of the stuffed animal crate, was this big guy:


I guess Charmander chose ME as his starter!

Even though this fiery salamander looks a little goofy, he is indeed a legitimate Pokemon plush. Made by plush distributor Play-By-Play, these odd looking Pokemon stuffed toys were made during Pokemania when the Pokemon anime started to gain momentum. Charmander’s copyright date on his tag reads 1999, making this lizard a legal adult. Our Goodwill has a rule for stuffed animals, that is: All plush smaller than 12’ are $.50 and all plush larger than 12’ are $1 (unless otherwise marked). This vintage Charmander was $1 and for that price, I'll choose him any day!

Total Spent: $1


Final Round-Up

Crash Bandicoot- N Sane Trilogy: $14.99
Majesco Game Boy Advance wireless communicators / Super Mario Bros Wii Yoshi Plush / Blue Nintendo DS carrying case: $1
Play-By-Play Charmander Plush: $1

Total Spendings: $16.99




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