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July 18, 2017

A Comical Haul:

As my job is seasonal, I am able to go thrifting three or four times a week during the summer. My mom’s thrifting policy is “If you want to get the best stuff, go early and go often”. I’ve been living this philosophy lately and I’ve had some great finds as a result. Be sure to check out my thrift blogs and pickups from earlier this month!

One trip to my local Goodwill yielded a stack of vintage Archie comics! These are my personal favorites, as they’re from the Archie Double Digest series. As their name suggests, these Double Digests are double the size of a regular Archie comic with each issue weighing in at 256 pages. I have a long history with the Archie Double Digest comics, as I used to read them when I was a kid. My first Archie Double Digest came from my grandmother years ago when she bought me an issue to read on a family trip to Florida. However, my Archie comics are from the early 2000s; these newly acquired ones are significantly older.

A look at the inside copyright date shows us that the oldest issue in this lot is from 1983. Very cool!

These Archie comics are absolutely vintage and a real treat to look through. The earliest issue I picked up was issue #8. Also included in this lot was the Digest (not Double Digest) Special Issue #100 (1990). On the back of issue #100 is a nice little advertisement for Hydlide, a swords and sorcery game for the NES.

Each comic book at Goodwill is typically  .50 unless otherwise marked. Therefore, this nice little Archie lot cost me $5.50. An excellent deal in my opinion!

Also featured in this haul is Fillerbunny (by Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim. This one cost $1, probably because it was a glossy cardstock comic) as well as an an old Tandy Computer\Radio Shack promotional comic book that explores electronics and technology (.50).


Total Spent: $7


Do you enjoy Archie comics? Do you like the new Archie-based television drama, Riverdale?

Reach out to us in the comment section below!


Happy thrifting!

July 22, 2017

A Comforting Haul:

Sometimes, you find things at thrift stores and you just cannot contain your excitement. Yesterday was one of those days for me.

For the last three years or so, I’ve been collecting vintage Pokemon bedding. Here’s a little background on it (because I’m sure you’re simply DYING to learn more about Pokemon bedding!)

During the height of Pokemania (circa 1999-2000), two Pokemon twin-sized bedding sets were released, one for girls and one for boys. Both featured the majority of the First 150 Kanto Pokemon (no Mew yet!) but the color palette varied by set. One set was blue, yellow, and red while the other set was pink, purple, and teal. The blue set is FAR more common than the pink set. Pictures of the blue set flood Google images and eBay while the pink set is much more elusive. This is likely because more little boys were sucked into Pokemania. I possess pieces from both sets, as seen below.

From the pink set, I have the flat sheet, the fitted sheet, and the (adorable) double-sided pillowcase. From the blue set, I have only the valance. I also have a Pokemon sleeping bag. Each of the aforementioned items has come from the Goodwill over the last three years.

Eventually, I’d like to have a guest bedroom with a complete Pokemon bed set.


Here are pictures of the pieces that I own:

Note: Sleeping bag not pictured


While I don’t have a complete blue OR pink set, I do have the majority of a mixed bedroom set right here. The only thing I still need is a comforter. Unfortunately, the comforter is the biggest and most expensive piece to any bedroom set. I’ve looked online for the comforter, but it’s always listed on eBay between $40 and $100 and I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on an old piece of bedding. I hoped that someday I would be lucky enough to find one in the wild! As my mom says, “Everything ends up at Goodwill eventually”.

Fast forward to yesterday. My mom and I went thrifting (to my dismay, as I was tired) and we found a few things: a tall White Castle coffee mug, a plush Boo, some brand new Pampered Chef supplies, and a sweet Rolling Rock metal sign (purchased in honor of the AVGN, obviously) but nothing heart-poundingly exciting yet.

I always, always, always check the bedding and linens at the Goodwill in the hopes of finding vintage cartoon bedding. Ever since a set of Pokemon sheets recently got away from me (someone got to the linens rack before I did! GRRR!), I’ve made it a top priority to make the bedding an early stop in my Goodwill voyages. I’m so very glad that I checked the linens rack today because I had an incredibly fateful encounter:

There it was on the rack in all of its primary colored glory. The comforter I had been searching for…

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I called my mom over and even she couldn’t help but smile (She knew how badly I wanted a vintage Pokemon comforter). Upon inspection, there are a few places on the seams where the stitching has come undone (understandable for an eighteen at old blanket). I will be taking the comforter in to our local seamstress this Monday.

When I get to the checkout counter, I gladly pay the $10.50 for my comforter and I float all the way to the car. Today was a most excellent day thrifting.


Here’s one final picture of my new comforter:


Pokemon Comforter: $10.50
Tall White Castle Mug: $2
Plush Boo: The World’s Cutest Dog (for my Mom): .50
Rolling Rock Metal Sign: $3 (for Aaron)
Assorted (SEALED) Pampered Chef gizmos: $10

Total Spent: $26


Did you or anyone you know have one of these bed sets? Did you know that there was a Johto bed set released later on? Leave comments for us down below.


Happy Hunting!





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